The new concepts must become more suitable for everyday use

What would you see as the biggest current challenges of the Lightning Network and the most interesting current solutions?

The biggest challenge is currently the implementation of the many new concepts that further improve the current early beta version of the Lightning Network and make it „more suitable for everyday use“. The Lightning Network is an open source project, as is Bitcoin.

How can you imagine your work on the Bitcoin secret, what do you do concretely?

And as is often the case in the open source sector or in IT in general, there is a lack of more good, long-term developers who can implement the many exciting concepts. Some concrete suggestions for Bitcoin secret improvement are Atomic Multipath Payments (AMP), splicing and a working implementation of Watchtowers. Fulmo and the Lightning-Hackday – Educational work and #BUILDL for the Lightning Network. Your company Fulmo is specialized in the adaptation of the Lightning Network.

We started as a research start-up and try to give ourselves and others a good overview of the current status and development of the Lightning Network. For this purpose we are organizing the Lightning-Hackday, a mixture of Hackathon and Barcamp. The event brings developers, users and curious people together to learn, teach and develop as much as possible about this new technology. On the Lightning-Hackday the RaspiBlitz was created, a Bitcoin- and Lightning-Network-Full-Node, which runs on a Raspberry Pi and should enable everyone to run their own node very fast and cheap.

Building your own LApps at the Hackathon

You are hosting the third Lightning-Hackday on the first of September. The second Lightning-Hackday was a Barcamp/Hackathon. The event offered various forums for interested people to talk about and experience the Lightning Network. What awaits visitors at the beginning of September?

The Lightning Hackday is designed as an event where you can learn and try out everything about the Lightning Network. If you already have some previous knowledge, you can try to build your own LApp at the Hackathon. We’ve invited a few speakers from the major implementations. There are for example Christian Decker from Blockstream, Fabrice Drouin from Acinq, Johan Halseth from Lightning Labs or Giacomo Zucco from RGB Project. But the special thing about the Lightning Hackday is that the „speakers“ are also participants, and the participants are also speakers. Anyone who has an idea, a question or a problem can offer a session within the framework of the bar camp and talk concretely about their desired content. And it quickly happens that Christian Decker sits in the audience and learns something. All participants meet at eye level, unbiased, with a common goal: to help shape the Lightning Network and move it forward together.

All that remains is to thank Jeff for the interview and recommend a visit to the Lightning Hackday to the reader. If the last hackday can be used as an orientation, the event will be worthwhile for every tech enthusiast and interested person!