Known as a critic of Bitcoin, Samy Dana offers post-graduate course in blockchain technology

Famous economist signs post-graduate course that will teach about the cryptomoedas market.

Economist Samy Dana is offering a graduate course related to blockchain technology and the cryptomorphic market. Called „Investments and Blockchain“, the course lasts six months and costs approximately R$ 600, according to the Instagram’s video of the course.

Known as a Bitcoin Loophole critic by the market, Samy Dana will teach the course offered through EA Banking School. In total, the economist’s post-graduation in cryptomoedas has 360 hours.

Bitcoin may be the future of currencies, but today it is not,‘ says Samy Dana.

Besides teaching about Bitcoin and blockchain technology, Samy Dana signs another graduate course, in „Finance and Banking“, which „presents a macro and analytical view of financial management“.
Course on blockchain and cryptomoedas

Blockchain technology and the crypto market will be addressed in a post-graduate course offered by Samy Dana over the internet. In this way, the economist intends to train specialized professionals who can be absorbed by the financial market.

Don’t buy Bitcoin it’s worth nothing‘ said economist Samy Dana when BTC cost US$ 752,39

In total, 20 subjects will be offered, ranging from financial mathematics to content such as money laundering. Although the student does not have a Course Conclusion Paper (TCC), he or she will have to take a test soon after each subject offered by the post-graduation in „Investments and Blockchain“.

„The post-graduation in Investments and Blockchain has a teaching proposal for its professional development and for those who wish to work in the financial market with the necessary skills to stand out in the current professional competitiveness“.

Samy Dana will present a class

Signed by Samy Dana, the post-graduation „Investments and Blockchain“ will count with professors and experts from the cryptomoedas market. However, the famous economist will not teach about Bitcoin.

‚Bitcoin people hate me but I have nothing against Bitcoin‘, declares the economist Samy Dana

Thus, according to the course structure, Dana will be responsible only for a ‚masterclass‘, which should address ‚Behavioral Finance‘, with a planned duration of only two hours.

On the other hand, besides this special class with Bitcoin’s critical economist, there will also be a class on „Blockchain and Cryptomoedas“. In this case, the specialist will still be defined by EA Banking School.

Bitcoin Critic

The cryptomoedas market knows economist Samy Dana as a Bitcoin critic. Recently, the person in charge of the blockchain graduate course made a bet on the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in 2021.

It all started with a provocation from Mises Capital profile about the price of BTC reaching US$ 50 thousand in the market. When called to the bet, Dana accepted the challenge and increased the value presented.

In a tweet, the economist said that he would pay US$ 150 thousand to Mises Capital, in case the price of Bitcoin reaches US$ 50 thousand, or yet, US$ 233 thousand.

„Why don’t you raise the bet? Like 150 thousand? But let’s bet in dollar which is more amusing, the greatest BTC market is based on the dollar. All in dollar. Bet in dollar, BTC price in dollar“.