Ethereum Foundation will finance developers in a Smart Contracts course at the National University of Colombia

The Ethereum Foundation will fund 95% of the value of an Ethereum course, for ten developers

The Ethereum Foundation is going to finance 95% of the value of an Ethereum course for ten developers, thinking about the preparation of the local community for Devcon 6, next year. This was reported by InTIColombia Research Group, through LinkedIn

„We are launching the new version of the (remote) workshop on Creating Smart Contracts with Ethereum for developers at the National University of Colombia for Ibero-America,“ they explained.

Ethereum Ecosystem: Devcon 6 to be held in Colombia in 2021

The initiative includes updated content and new teachers according to the latest developments in the Blockchain world. The course starts on October 30th. Those interested in more information can enter here.

According to the details, for this version of the course, and with a view to Devcon 6 in Bogotá in 2021, the Ethereum Foundation will offer a 95% scholarship to 10 independent developers who should apply here.

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Course Teachers
Among the teachers who will participate in the course, we can name Mesías Rendón, Dulce Villarreal, Solange Gueiros, Mauricio Tovar Gutiérrez, Anni Alejandra Piragauta Urrea, Jorge Camargo and Daniel Villarroel Barrera.