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Why Litecoin has risen 61% in just one week

3 reasons why Litecoin (LTC) has risen 61% in just one week

In the last seven days, the Litecoin price has risen by over 60%. It is the best performing cryptocurrency in the last week, outperforming both Bitcoin and DeFi tokens (decentralised finance).

There are three main reasons why Litecoin has rallied in tandem with Bitcoin. The reasons are a breakout against BTC, the historical relevance of LTC in previous bull cycles Bitcoin Fortune and the growing certainty around BTC’s price cycle.

Litecoin has broken out against Bitcoin

Most altcoins are still stagnant against the bitcoin pair. The ETH/BTC pair, as an example, is far from seeing a breakout over any low time frames in the near future.

Litecoin, however, has shown strong momentum and a favourable technical structure to outperform bitcoin in mid-December.

Jonny Moe, a crypto swing trader, writes:

„$LTC on the $LTCUSD chart is just absurd, but most of it was just in lockstep with $BTC, so there wasn’t much alpha here. If the $LTCBTC pair gets its breakout, that could change pretty quickly. Also worth noting, $LTC is the only major altcoin that has really kept pace with $BTC.“

Due to LTC’s momentum and the fact that it is the only large-volume altcoin that has kept pace with BTC, market sentiment around LTC has improved significantly.

Historical relevance of LTC in bull cycles

A pseudonymous trader known as „Byzantine General“ writes that the ongoing Bitcoin rally is a result of institutional investors.

As a result, the altcoin market may take a while to recover because institutions are focused on Bitcoin, he said.

But the trader singled out Ethereum as an outlier that actually has fundamental value. Although LTC is less secure than Ethereum, the trader writes that he is not bearish on LTC. He writes:

„Reality check on altcoins you probably don’t want to hear. This $BTC rally came because of institutional orderflow. These people are not going to gamble on random sh*tcoins. ETH is an outlier. Basically there are only 2 coins where the outside world sees fundamental value and that is BTC & ETH. So ETH should be good. LTC is less safe, but still a useful coin, so I’m not particularly bearish on it.“

Altcoins are in an awkward position: if Bitcoin continues to rise, they will stagnate against BTC. If Bitcoin’s price falls, then altcoins are likely to suffer even greater declines.

Litecoin’s strong performance against Bitcoin in this environment shows strength and resilience on a technical level. In the foreseeable future, it remains to be seen whether Bitcoin consolidates above $23,000 or experiences a major correction by the end of the year.

If Bitcoin consolidates above $13,000 with relatively low volatility, this would create an ideal period for the altcoins to rally. If that happens, the altcoin that has held up well against Bitcoin, Litecoin, has a higher chance of rallying again.

Wie bereiten sich die Wale auf die bevorstehende Halbierung der Bitcoin-Menge vor?

Die Bitcoin-Wale sind eine der einflussreichsten Gruppen auf dem Kryptologiemarkt. Deshalb ist eine ständige Überwachung der Aktionen dieser Wale angesichts der bevorstehenden Halbierung der Bitcoin-Menge wichtig.

Hier ist eine Zusammenfassung dessen, wie die letzten Tage für die Bitcoin-Wale verlaufen sind, so die Twitter-Berichte von Whale Alert.

Angesichts der erheblichen Zunahme der Bitcoin-Aktivitäten und -Transaktionen hat Whale Alert seit dem 7. Mai berichtet, dass die Bitcoin-Werte für die Meldung von Transaktionen gestiegen sind. Dasselbe taten sie auch bei der Prägung und Verbrennung von Stallmünzen.

Erhöt sich durch Bitcoin Evolution der Widerstandswert
Daher werden Sie, obwohl es weniger Berichte geben wird, immer noch absolut alle Daten auf ihrer Website abrufen können.

Countdown: nur 1 Tag für die Halbierung der Bitcoin

Zusammenfassung der Aktivitäten der Bitcoin-Wale kurz vor der Halbierung. Am Donnerstag, dem 7. Dezember, wurden dreizehn Transaktionen mit Immediate Edge getätigt, davon sechs zwischen Börsen, vier von Börsen in unbekannte Brieftaschen und der Rest in umgekehrter Richtung. Die von den Bitcoin-Walen am häufigsten verwendeten Börsen waren Xapo, Binance, OKEx, Bitstamp und Bitfinex.

Konkret wurden an diesem Tag 3710 BTC auf den Markt gebracht, die Wale akkumulierten 10 003 BTC, und zwischen den Börsen bewegten sich 7 751 BTC. Insgesamt wurden an einem einzigen Tag 21.464 BTCs bewegt.

Dann, am 8. Mai, gab es zehn größere Bewegungen von Bitcoin-Walen. Acht davon stammten von Börsen wie Binance und Coinbase bis hin zu unbekannten Brieftaschen. Das bedeutet, dass an diesem Tag die Anhäufung dieses Kryptomoney überwog.

Damit sind 11.776 BTC vom Markt verschwunden. Währenddessen führten in der entgegengesetzten Richtung zwei Bitcoin-Wale 2.463 BTC bei OKEx und Binance ein. Dies ergibt insgesamt 14.239 BTC.

Schließlich hat Whale Alert in den letzten zwei Tagen nur fünf Handelsgeschäfte gemeldet, von denen nur zwei aggregiert sind. Der Rest sind Wale, die ihre BTCs zum Austausch mitnehmen. Doch trotz der unterschiedlichen Bewegungen sind es die Mengen, die endgültig sind.

Bei den beiden Akkumulationstransaktionen bewegten die Bitcoin-Wale 7.864 BTCs vom Tausch in unbekannte Brieftaschen. Dies steht im Gegensatz zu 5.055 BTCs, die an Börsen wie Bitfinex, Huobi und OKEx abgeschlossen wurden.

Halbierung der Bitcoin: Wale beginnen an die Oberfläche
Was schließen wir aus all dem?

Kurz gesagt, in den letzten Tagen hat sich die Anhäufung von Bitcoin durch die Wale durchgesetzt. Der Unterschied zwischen Kauf- und Verkaufsdruck war jedoch sehr gering.

Der Zusammenhang zwischen dieser Realität und der Nähe von Bitcoin Halving ist keineswegs merkwürdig, denn trotz der Meinungsverschiedenheiten unter Experten bleiben die Erwartungen an höhere Gewinne nach der Halbierung mehr oder weniger gleich.

Marshall Islands Decide Own Crypto Currency „Sovereign“

The government of the Marshall Islands wants to introduce its own crypto currency, the „Sovereign“. This was published this week by the government of the dwarf state via social media. A bill to this effect was passed on Monday, so that the way is now clear for the island currency. After Turkey and Iran, the Pacific state is the third country to respond to the successful launch of Venezuelan Petro by issuing its own currency.

First Petro, soon cryptosoft Sovereign?

The list of countries hoping to issue their own national cryptosoft currency in the future grows by one more member. The sovereign, which means sovereign or ruler in German, is to advance the financial interests of the Marshall Islands in the future like this Is Cryptosoft a Scam? Beware, Read our Review First. A corresponding draft law was passed on Monday, 26 February.

„The purpose of this law is the explanation and publication of a digital decentralized currency on basis of the Blockchain technology as public advertisement of the republic of the Marshall islands“, it says in the bill.

President Heine describes the project

The happy news was spread by the government of the dwarf state, which with only 72,000 inhabitants is one of the smallest countries in the world, via the state Telegram account.

„The fact that we are finally issuing our own currency and using it alongside the US dollar is a historic moment for our people. It is a further step to realize our national freedom“, said President Hilda Heine to Finance Magnates. The Marshall Islands do not have their own national currency. Due to their historical proximity and an association agreement with the USA, only US dollar notes are in circulation here. This is to be changed by the sovereign.

The technology behind the currency is to come from Israel. The start-up Neema wants to use public protocol data in order to keep the concern of criminal use to a minimum. In addition, accounts are to be linked with the government’s identification data, as reported by the Israeli tech news site CTech.

Marshall Islands: tax haven in the South Seas
Similar to Venezuela, the sovereign is to be issued as part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). The associated financial injection is likely to be welcomed in the island state. For in addition to declining tourism and a manageable production of tropical fruits, the domestic economy is limping.

„The government of the Marshall Islands will invest the proceeds to advance its efforts against climate change, for green energy, health care as well as towards those affected by the US nuclear tests and education. The sovereign is to be distributed directly to the citizens,

The difficult economic situation in the country is also related to the tax situation. The islands are regarded as tax havens and are blacklisted by the EU Commission. Only the US compensation for the nuclear bomb tests in the region literally keeps the islands threatened by climate change afloat. Every year, the USA sends up to 62.7 million US dollars to the Pacific.