50 Days Left: Balaji Predicts $1M Bitcoin by June 17

• Balaji Srinivasan, the former CTO of Coinbase, made a bet that Bitcoin will reach $1 Million by June 17th.
• He spoke at Consensus 2023 about his motivations and rationale behind the bet, and the likelihood that he may actually be right.
• He believes that major banking failures in April 2023 could lead to a “mild recession” which could cause a hyperinflationary death spiral in response to US dollar devaluation.

Balaji’s Bet on Bitcoin

Balaji Srinivasan, former CTO of Coinbase, has made a bet that Bitcoin will hit $1 million by June 17th. With Bitcoin currently trading at $29,150, this would require an appreciation of over 3000%. Balaji spoke at Consensus 2023 about his motivations and rationale behind the bet and his belief in its potential success.

Motivations for the Bet

Balaji drew parallels between the 2008 financial crisis and recent banking failures in April 2023. The central bank chairman of 2008 predicted “a mild recession” just 5 months before calamity struck while Jerome Powell predicted “a mild recession” following banking failures in April 2023. Balaji believes this could lead to US dollar devaluation resulting in a hyperinflationary death spiral.

Likelihood of Success

As part of his presentation for Consensus Mainstage via video on Friday, Balaji discussed how early is often seen as wrong when it comes to predictions like these but also how „hell is truth seen too late“. He argued that if we do not prepare now then we can expect dire consequences further down the line.

Opinions on Crypto & Financial Markets

The investor and entrepreneur talked about how crypto currencies are much more resilient than traditional investment markets due to their decentralized nature and lack of Government control or intervention from Banks or other institutions. This makes them attractive investments with potentially high returns despite their highly volatile nature.


In conclusion, Balaiji’s bet is an interesting one with many implications for both traditional financial markets as well as cryptocurrency markets should it prove successful by June 17th. Time will tell if his predictions come true but regardless there have been some interesting points raised about investing in cryptocurrencies versus traditional financial instruments based on their different natures and characteristics